Campaign gains MP support for 20mph

The campaign to cut the speed limit in the village of Barkston Ash near Tadcaster is gathering momentum as national and local politicians tackle the issue.

The area’s MP Nigel Adams has handed in a petition, signed by more than 200 residents, to the Transport Ministry in Whitehall, and the county councillor for Barkston Ash, Andrew Lee, has sent the petition to the Highways Department at North Yorkshire County Council.

Villagers are pressing for the introduction of a speed limit of 20 mph to replace the current restriction of 30 mph.

The campaigners say that motorists driving through Barkston Ash are ignoring the warning signs and are therefore putting the lives of children at risk.

The 20’s Plenty Group in the village have the support of the national campaign and point out that 20 miles per hour limits apply outside a primary school in Tadcaster and also near the secondary school in Boston Spa.

The road safety campaign is on the agenda at next month’s parish council meeting in Barkston Ash and is expected to ask Nigel Adams MP and Coun Lee to increase the pressure on the Transport Ministry and county Council.