New bid to develop Tadcaster schemes

Shaping the future for Tadcaster are residents, from left, Becky Carter, Mary Swift, Tom Drury, Paul Frankish and Marilynne Lambert. (S)

Shaping the future for Tadcaster are residents, from left, Becky Carter, Mary Swift, Tom Drury, Paul Frankish and Marilynne Lambert. (S)

A skate park and a training scheme for young people were just two of the ideas recently put forward at the Tadcaster Community Workshop of the Your Square Mile Scheme.

And now the ideas, which are part of the project by Heineken employees at the John Smith’s brewery and the community, has launched a website to further the ideas.

Your Square Mile chief executive Paul Twivy said: “The launch of the Tadcaster portal is the next step in equipping residents to create positive change in their square mile, giving them the resources and information to make a difference in locally relevant ways.

“The portal will keep people connected, maintain momentum and inspire people to share their knowledge of their local area.

“It is not designed to compete with or replace existing local sites - we see it as a complementary aide that will work alongside local media of all kinds.”

Each project has its own page on the portal - www.tadcaster.yoursquaremile.co.uk - outlining the idea, how it will benefit the community, the next steps being taken and the help that is required.

Residents will be encouraged to volunteer through a ‘sign up’ button.

A news feed and discussion stream will offer further updates and opportunities for volunteers to communicate with each other.

The portal also publicises local event updates that can be uploaded by citizens. It also hosts a map of community resources with information and links on each one, as well as a photo gallery and a link to History Pin, which allows visitors to post and view pictures of past local events.

The results of a community attitudes survey taken at the public workshop are available as are a video and images of the November workshop. All content will be linked to a Facebook and Twitter feed.

Projects voted on at the November Your Square Mile workshops were a skate park; an elderly shopping service, a youth mentoring and careers advice scheme, and an initiative to develop local communications tools such as a fortnightly event bulletin and resource locator map.

Heineken corporate relations director Jeremy Beadles added: “We recognise that as a significant local employer, we can make a real impact on the surrounding community by providing opportunities for our brewery colleagues to get involved in projects that local people feel passionate about.”

The schemes can be viewed at www.tadcaster.yoursquaremile.co.uk.

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