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Meeting with developers: a meeting is to be held by representatives of Barwick and Scholes Parish Council with Leeds-based developers GMI Holdings. This company is proposing, in association with Barratt David Wilson Homes, to build 60 new homes off Wood Lane, Scholes, plus 800 new homes on green field land on the eastern edge of the village. A further 1,000 new homes could possibly be built in the future, the company stated in documents they recently submitted to Leeds City Council planners. Asked for his views on the proposed development which, if approved, could double or even triple the size of the village, Coun Ben Hogan, who chairs the parish council, said he and his colleagues had been surprised at the detail and depth of local knowledge which the developers’ consultants, based in Newcastle, had been able to include. He added: “We immediately asked GMI Holdings to meet us as soon as possible to discuss their proposals and I expect that meeting to be held very shortly.” Coun Hogan said a number of villagers had already expressed their concern about the huge scale of the proposal, coupled with the fact that access to the Wood Lane land could only be achieved by demolishing two existing houses. The residents’ lobby group Save Our Scholes has already pledged to fight the proposed development ‘every step of the way.’

Scholes school proposal: a key factor, should the huge expansion of Scholes envisaged by developers GMI Holdings and their partners be permitted, would be the ability of the village’s primary school to cope with a big increase in demand for school places once new family homes are built and occupied. In its outline proposal to city planners the company refers to a need to enlarge the existing school and, if required, to build a new primary school in Scholes. If the latter action was taken then, says the company, the existing school could be demolished and the land allocated for yet more new housing. In view of the central location of the primary school and the adjoining school field it is likely that any proposal to build on the land would be met by strong opposition from local people.

Harvest coffee morning: members of Barwick Methodist Church will host a harvest coffee morning on Saturday, September 7, from 10am-noon in the church schoolroom. Admission costing £1 will include light refreshments. All proceeds will support the work of Emmaus Leeds.

Barwick Horticultural Show: there is still time to submit entries for the competitive classes to be independently judged at Barwick Horticultural Society’s 48th annual show. This will be held on Saturday, September 7 at the village hall, with judging in the morning and doors open to the public at 2pm. Show schedules are now available at local shops or can be obtained by calling the show secretary, Geoff Thornton, on 0113 281-2171.

Scholes Village Show: just a week after the Barwick event, Scholes Village Show, a popular annual occasion revived three years ago, will take place on Saturday, September 14, at Scholes Village Hall. It will be opened by Scholes resident Mrs Joan Fox.

Parish Forum and Council: these days there is certainly no shortage of controversial issues to be discussed at the monthly parish forum and parish council meetings. There is likely to be lively discussion of local bus services and proposed housing developments at the next meeting of the forum, which will be held on Monday, September 2 at Scholes Methodist Schoolroom, starting at 7pm. This will be followed at 7.30pm by the first meeting of the parish council for almost two months, following its summer break in August. Villagers can have their say at forum meetings but can only observe the council meeting and witness councillors’ discussions.