Anger as son suspended for wrong shoes

A WETHERBY mum has this week spoken out after her teenage son was sent home from school for wearing “inappropriate” shoes.

Mrs Jenny Moser said that Wetherby High School’s actions in suspending her son on his second day back after the summer break were ridiculous.

“He was wearing a pair of black leather shoes with velcro straps bought from a well-known department store and advertised as back to school footwear,” said the mum of Hall Orchards Avenue.

“They resembled trainers but they were promoted as back to school shoes in the shop and very smart.

“My son is quite shy and to be sent home from school on the first week back is quite ridiculous.

“He was really upset about it.”

“I have brought my children up to be polite, conscientious, high achieving individuals who show respect for their surroundings and their peers.

“What a negative start to the new school year for my son.”

Mrs Moser said that she had to immediately take a day off work to go and buy more shoes for her son which caused her organisational problems, as well as the financial cost of buying an extra pair of shoes.

“At a time when most parents are struggling to raise their children within difficult economic constraints, to have to take a day off work to buy a new pair of shoes because of a crackdown on policy really is very difficult.

“I could not take his first pair of shoes back to the shop for a refund as he had worn them.”

Mrs Moser added that she thought suspension was too tough a response.

“We had no warning or letter, just a phone call to say he would not be allowed to return to school until he had business like shoes.”

She added: “My children have often come home from school complaining of being cold because the heating is not working, or with wet feet because the communal walkways are flooded etc.

“It would have been very easy to complain but I understand the difficulties faced by the school and have always shown my support and appreciation.

“I feel it is very sad that this over-zealous approach to students and parents will only result in alienating the very people that support the school.

In a statement to the Wetherby News this week, headteacher Andrea Barnes said: “Wetherby High School seeks high standards in all things and works with parents to achieve this.

“With this in mind, information with regard to uniform was given with a year’s notice to give parents time to make any changes to be able to do so as part of a normal cycle of uniform renewal.

“It was hoped that this would be of help to all concerned in achieving the required standards.

“The support of parents in this matter is, as always, greatly appreciated.”